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Masthead Studios’ online shooter, Guns and Robots is up and running, and we’ll give you exactly two guesses as to what you can expect to experience while playing the game. But while the game proper has been available for a bit now, the developer has finally pulled back the curtain on upcoming content, giving a peek as to what players can expect out of the first season of updates for this free-to-play action shooting title.

While Guns and Robots is already building an audience thanks to its cartoon-style graphics, goofy fun, customization options and fast-paced shooting, the folks at Masthead Studios are hoping to draw even more junkyard scrappers to the fray, as well as keep their current fans entertained, with the first year’s worth of content updates.

Masthead revealed a “road map” to their first batch of planned add-ons, including new gear, robot components, levels, modes and all sorts of other goodies.

First up, Masthead announced that Player Guilds are in the works, giving online shooting fans a way to easily team up with their buddies and dive into the upcoming competitive season. New PVE and PVE Arenas are also planned as a future update, giving players “the option to level up fast and g on single player adventures,” according to a statement from the developer.

Game Events are also planned in the coming months, offering special ways to play the game through weekend events everyone will be invited to join.

If you’re looking for new ways to play, then you’ll be happy to know that a Territory Conquest mode is in the works and, as the name suggests, it will task players with pumping holes into their enemies while simultaneously battling over control of specially designated locations.

There’s also a bunch of new item upgrades planned for the first season, as well as enhanced equipment and weapon parts, giving players more ways than ever to fine-tune their characters for this online shooter.

Finally, in-game Achievements will be thrown in for good measure, giving players virtual bragging rights as they collect medals for their various accomplishments.

Along with all of that new content, Masthead said they plan to improve the game’s tutorial, re-design the user interface for easier navigation, and continue to pump out fresh new content with maps, weapons, parts and more. Not bad for free-to-play, right?

So, yeah, if you’re enjoying Guns and Robots, then it looks like you’re good to go on new content and features in the coming months.

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