Masthead Studios is gearing up to release Guns and Robots this December and you get two guesses as to what the main focuses of this free-to-play third-person shooter are going to be. As the launch date draws near, the studio is prepping its scrap-loving fans with an official announcement trailer, now ready for your viewing pleasure.

It’s usually poor form to judge a book by its cover but, with a name like Guns and Robots, pretty much all of the important information is right there in black and white. Players will be able to utilize more than 150 body parts to create their personalized robot and equip it with guns. Lots and lots of guns. Once you’ve got your killing machine built to your liking, it’s time to take it into one of several arenas to wage mechanical war.

According to Masthead CEO Atanas Atanasov, half of the fun will be in creating your own lead-slinging hunk of tin.

“the most standout feature is the personal garage, where players can spend time to test the look, movement and weapons of each robot configuration,” Atanasov added.

Players will do their building in the Burn-In Garage, or BIG. That’s where you’ll be able to mix and match pieces and, thanks to loads of breakable objects lying around, be able to test out your arsenal as you build.

Guns and Robots is set for a December release and will be available to everyone free of charge. For more info, head on over to the game’s official site.

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