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One Button Studio recently updated their tactical, turn-based PVP action game, Gunswords. The game itself combines long-ranged weapon combat with fun-filled, close-range melee attacks, literally giving gamers the best of guns and swords in one action-packed outing.

Gunsword is a throwback to old-school gaming where there was a popular sub-genre in the strategy category known as “turn-based strategy games”. I know that concept seems foreign and diluted with inclemency in today's market methodology of “FPS or GTFO” but way back in the day turn-based games were pretty big and popularized across multiple demographic markets in Japan, Europe and North America.

Well, One Button Studio wants gamers to experience an unadulterated turn-based game with their neat little title Gunsword and you can check out some of the gameplay in the trailer below.

The new update features brand new PVE practice scenarios, so it's possible to actually get a grip of the gameplay before heading off to battle and engaging other players in some intense PVP battles.

The practice mode will probably help a lot with the learning curve, considering that some games actually really do need PVE practice modes before throwing players out into the wild to get steamrolled and faceplanted by l33t players. I don't think I need to name names, but we all have an idea of who the perpetrators are of that particular crime.

You can learn more about Gunsword and its guns versus sword themes or participate in the open beta by visiting the Official Website.

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