John Smedley has no love for hackers. The president of Daybreak Game Company made it known that they've been on a banwave against hackers and exploiters who have invaded H1Z1. The company banned 24,837 players for cheating and they're not done yet.

PC Gamer has been keeping track of the H1Z1 developers and their deadly dance with the dastardly cheaters who are attempting to ruin the gameplay experience for everyone else. Smedley recently tweeted...

Smedley even went as far as to taunt cheaters, many of who acquired their cheats from a site called TMCheats. Smedley egged on the cheaters saying “Please keep using and supporting TMCHEATS, We aren't banning users who use it at all.”

TMCheats is one of many sites out there that offer players completely game-breaking hacks at the expense of honest players. They provide gamers with things like aim-bots that allow cheaters to automatically aim and kill other players, as well as wall-hacks so you can see through walls and track players even at a great distance. That's not to mention that some of the other cheats includes things like infinite ammo, instant-kill shots or invincibility.

Many competitive online games suffer from cheats like this, and Reloaded Productions recently did a similar purge with APB: Reloaded, cutting a lot of cheaters out of the game and making them pay for their transgressions against breaking the terms of service.

In the case of H1Z1, they just knocked out a huge chunk of players from the base, since nearly 25,000 is a massive number of players.

But Smedley isn't completely heartless; they've already unbanned three players after they posted videos apologizing and making everyone aware that they are indeed cheaters. Following the news spreading like wildfire about the player bans, and Daybreak Game Company implementing the option for cheaters to post video apologies as a way to appeal their bans, Smedley responded with a Reddit post, stating...
I want to make sure it's clear there are consequences for cheating. You don't just get to make a video and get unbanned. This is a very limited time thing to try and raise awareness of what's actually going on. You may say "hey there clearly aren't consequences if you are unbanning people". Let's get back to the part where I said we've unbanned 3 people. If these videos go far and wide and it elevates the importance of getting rid of the cheaters in PC gaming, I feel it's an excellent trade.

I think this is an interesting way of addressing the cheat situation. Cheaters aren't robots and giving them a means to reform is a great way to show that if you screw up and cheat there is a way back from the dark side. How well this will work out is anyone's guess but hopefully this will work out well for the community of H1Z1.
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