Thomas Kole's Half-Line Miami has officially launched for PC gamers over on the website. You can get the game for free right now. For gamers who need a bit of convincing a launch trailer was also released.

The game is a top-down shooter made in the same vein as Hotline Miami but has elements from Valve's popular Half-Life series. The big difference is that the game is more strategy oriented than Dennaton Games' gruesome shooter series since Gordon Freeman, the protagonist, must rely on more than just guns to get him out of tough spots. The gravity gun from Half-Life 2 makes an appearance in Half-Line Miami, giving Freeman the ability to physically lift objects and hurl them at opponents to incapacitate them.

Objects can be used as shields or as projectile weapons, but the rules still apply to Half-Line Miami the same way they do in Hotline Miami: You get shot, you die.

The objective is to tactically get around the eight thematic levels based on the locations that Freeman visited throughout Half-Life 2.

Players will be able to use guns, throw grenades and tactically outwit relentless opponents. I hate to say it but Half-Line Miami might even be more of a thinking-gamer's game than Hotline Miami.

Of course, the experience wouldn't be the same without some sick 1980s flavored synthwave. Going by the artist handle of “Sung”, Geoffrey Graven from Paris, France offers up a high-velocity soundtrack of synthesized beats and retro melodies.

If the music in the trailer above managed to capture your attention and beg you to listen to more, you can do so by checking out “Sung's” Soundcloud page where you can listen to a collection of some of his really awesome retro tracks. I might even be inclined to say that I prefer the music in Half-Line Miami over Hotline Miami 2 (with the exception of a few tracks).

Even still I like both the original games and I like what Thomas Kole is doing with this cross-over. It actually seems to be a commendable effort and the added physics-based combat really mixes things up so it's not just another standard top-down shooter. Tactically using objects and grenades to thwart enemies also really mixes up the combat a lot and gives gamers options in how they approach scenarios and take down multiple enemies at one time.

If you like what Half-Line Miami is doing and you want to get your hands on this mega cross-over title, feel free to do so by hitting up the game's page. The game is completely free to download so you don't have to worry about putting any bucks into anyone's pocket to play through the game. However, with a bit of polish and some spit-shine I'm pretty sure Kole could dump a $4.99 price tag on this and make a go of it... barring the obvious copyright issues, of course.
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