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Black Mesa, a fan-made remake of the original Half-Life, will finally be released to the public this month. The project has been in development since way back in 2004, so hopefully you like it.

Black Mesa converts Half-Life to the Source engine, the enhanced technology that launched with Half-Life 2. The entire campaign will be remade from the ground up. The deathmatch multiplayer from Half-Life is being revamped as well.

According to a post on the project's forum, Black Mesa will be available to the public on September 14th. The whole thing won't be available all at once, though. The build available in two weeks will take players up until the Lambda Core. The later stages that take place on the alien world of Xen will not be included, nor will the reimagined deathmatch. Still, just playing up to Lambda should take you about 8-10 hours.

"We are still working hard on Xen and BMDM, but instead of making you wait we are giving you Black Mesa as soon as it's ready! We're doing our best to help bring the immense vision of this project into reality, and we are very excited for what the future brings!" said project leader Carlos Montero.

While you're waiting to get your hands on Black Mesa, you can listen to the mod's soundtrack. The soundtrack, said to be an homage to HL1, was composed by Joel Nielsen. You can download it in zip file or listen to individual tracks via YouTube. If you're so inclined, you can also pay for the soundtrack through PayPal to show your appreciation to Nielsen.

It's really incredible that this team has managed to stay together since 2004 and finish (most) of the project. Congratulations to them for sticking with it. Eight years is an absurd amount of time to work on a game but hey, it works for Valve.

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