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Halo 3: ODST New Multiplayer Maps Revealed

I haven’t been much of a fan of the Halo multiplayer experience, mainly because of the brain-dead mechanics (i.e., run into someone shooting until their shield is gone and then wallop them over the head with a melee attack) but that doesn’t mean millions of other Halo fanboys won’t want to get their hands sweaty with three new multiplayer maps. Microsoft and Bungie recently announced that the new maps will be included on the Halo 3 multiplayer standalone disc and they also revealed what each map will be like.

Halo 3: ODST Three New Maps Include:

• Heretic returns players to familiar ground as the “Halo 2” arena Midship makes its long-rumored debut in “Halo 3.” The stark interior of the Pious Inquisitor might appear austere on first glance, but Heretic’s symmetrical spaces require players to execute complex strategies in order to outplay their opponents.

• Citadel may be a long abandoned Forerunner stronghold, but its small, symmetrical confines are far from secure. Two opposing bases offer little safety for players looking for solace. Instead, Citadel forces small squads to stay in constant communication, keep their heads on a swivel, and be prepared to adjust combat tactics in close quarters.

• Longshore lacks the commercial ships that once made it a lucrative port for Old Mombasa, but it still bustles with activity. Designed for large scale combat and well suited for smaller affairs, Longshore’s multitude of industrial buildings, elevated walks, and open inlets conspire to create a complex battleground tailored for multiple combat scenarios.

Basically, it sounds like rehashes of maps from previous Halo games just so they can say they’re new. Nice. This announcement probably added an extra $60 mil to potential pre-orders, too.

You can look for Halo 3.5, oops, I mean Halo 3: ODST to hit store shelves on September 22nd, exclusively for the Xbox 360 for the (wallet raping) suggested retail price of $59.99.

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