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It looks like Cortana may be willing to go wherever her services are most needed, if early reports are to be believed concerning a potential launch of Microsoft’s virtual assistant on other platforms, including iOS and Android.

It’s not often that Microsoft is willing to branch out to other devices, so this recent report from Reuters comes as something of a surprise for us. Put simply, Microsoft could be looking to make the latest version of Cortana available as a standalone app, which could then be used on devices other than Windows phones or computers.

Reuters apparently spoke to folks “familiar with the project” for this latest find, who are presumably working on Cortana’s latest build with “Einstein” integration. According to the sources, it’s this new version of the virtual assistant that could pop up on non-Windows devices, putting it in more direct competition with Apple’s Siri and Google’s own efforts in the area of voice recognition and users need assessment.

So what, exactly, will Einstein do for Cortana. Well, have you seen the movie Her? Because it sounds like that’s pretty much the direction we’re heading. Assuming everything works according to plan, Cortana’s latest upgrade could allow her to read emails and the like, and then improve your life accordingly. The example given by Reuters is that Cortana could read an email from an airline about your upcoming flight. The day of the flight, without prompt, Cortana could keep tabs on your location, traffic and appointments and remind you when it’s time to head to the airport. The mind reels to think where this type of technology could be in another five to 10 years. Did I mention Her already? Because yeah, it’s seeming more and more likely. Or, for you Halo fans out there, Cortana could become even more like her video game counterpart, basically a free-thinking AI that could assist you in your day to day life. For now, though, she’ll hopefully be able to get you to the dentist on time.

Always thinking about video games, I’m of course already making the jump to implementation on consoles. Instead of having a message box block out your life bar in Dying Light, Cortana could pop up to tell you MadSkillz has sent you a direct message and, oh, would you like her to just read it to you so you don’t have to leave your game?

What’s that, Cortana? My clan has a raid planned in 15 minutes? Yes, please save my progress in Dragon Age, boot up Destiny and log me into the group while I go grab a cola.

What’s that, Cortana? You’ll have one of the androids bring me a cola instead? That’s awful kind of you.

Okay, maybe I’m getting carried away here, but you get the idea.

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