Kalypso Media has a couple of new assets up for your viewing pleasure for the upcoming Hard Reset: Extended Edition for PC. The newer version of the indie-shooter takes players to exciting new environments to face off against some tough new foes.

Hard Reset is a straight-through and through cyber-punk action-thriller. The shooting mechanics focus heavily on old-school strafe-and-gun play-styles and the weapons harkens back to the days when firing a gun felt like it could blow apart anything that stands between you and your objective. Well, actually the weapons do blow apart anything that stands between you and your objective as environmental destruction plays a big part in this gorgeous futuristic shooter.

The extended edition of the game adds in a brand new boss battle, several new single-player campaign maps as well as an updated graphics core, enabling gamers to experience even more destruction, physics-effects and dynamic lighting than ever before. There are even two additional survival-mode levels for those who want to test their wit and trigger-finger skills against wave after wave of enemies.

Hard Reset: Extended Edition is due out soon for PC and will be available on most major digital e-tailers. For more information about the game and it's features feel free to drop by the Official Website.

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