Free-to-play online mech battle games sure are all the rage these days. Moving out of Alpha, Hawken is finally ready to experience some hardcore testing as Meteor Entertainment and Adhesive games prepare to bring the first-person mech shooter into initial closed beta testing from Oct. 26-29.

We reported just yesterday about MechWarrior Online’s impending Oct. 16 beta launch, another game featuring giant robots blowing one another to pieces. Now that Hawken is ready to enter a beta period of its own, it’ll be interesting to see what the games have (and don’t have) in common.

According to Adhesive Creative Director and Co-founder Khang Le, the Hawken team has been working nonstop to get the game ready for this the Oct. 26 beta launch.

“Thanks to the awesome community, we learned a great deal from the Alpha 2 feedback,” Le said. “We’re super excited about opening the gate and having a larger fan base playing Hawken for the very first time. I can’t wait to see how the general audience receives the game and all the crazy tactics they come up with to dominate on the Hawken battlefield.”

Meteor Entertainment CEO Mark Long agreed, saying the Alpha 2 period allowed players and developers to “break” a lot of things.

“And that’s good,” Long explained. “The more that we find wrong now, the smoother the open beta will go.”

If you’re interested in piloting a mech across the battlefields of Hawken all you have to do is head on over to the official website and sign up for your chance to be invited into the closed beta. We’re assuming more invites will continue to roll out as the developers bring more of their systems online in the coming weeks.

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