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Blizzard is about to release a major update for the online collectible card game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. The patch will coincide with a reset of the accounts for all current beta testers in North America and Europe.

"If you are participating in the Hearthstone closed beta test, your progress will be reset," the development team said on They didn't provide a date for the wipe. "This includes your gold, experience and class levels gained through play, arcane dust quantities, cards unlocked through progression, and your medal ranking in Ranked Play mode. When you load up the game afterwards, it will be as if you were starting in Hearthstone as a new player. You’ll have to play the introductory missions once more and show Illidan just how prepared he is! (Spoilers: He’s not.)"

The player wipe was announced at the outset of the beta test. Blizzard realized that certain cards in the game would turn out to be overpowered. By wiping players' progress at the same time that they release a patch tweaking the cards' strength, they can ensure a more balanced experience.

In Hearthstone matches, each player selects a different character from Warcraft lore such as Gul'dan or Thrall. They then use ability, weapon and minion cards to defeat their opponent. Players can purchase new cards with gold they earned through matches or real-world money.

If you spent money in the beta, Blizzard will reimburse you with gold. You'll get 100 gold for every card pack you bought and 150 gold for every Arena entry. This should allow you to buy the same amount of items you had before the wipe. You probably won't receive the same cards you previously acquired through booster packs, though.

Players who spend real-world money during the beta get a golden Gelbin Mekkatorque. If you acquired the card before the wipe, it won't reappear in your inventory right away. Instead, you'll be given it after the Illidan intro quest along with your gold reimbursement.

Blizzard doesn't plan to do any future wipes. This means that your progress from the beta - levels, cards and ranks - after this one wipe will carry through to the official launch of Hearthstone. The launch is expected later this year.

Hearthstone's beta is by invite only. In order to be eligible for the test, you need to opt in through your account settings. Unlike other Blizzard games, Hearthstone's beta is open to users who don't have any other Blizzard games attached to their account.

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