Blizzard's rollout of Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas continues Tuesday with the release of another wing. Players across the world will be able to download the expansion packs's Military Quarter.

Like the Arachnid and Plague wings that came before it, the Military Quarter challenges players with three A.I. bosses. Each has a different deck and Hero ability. Here's a general description of each boss and the card you'll unlock by defeating them.

Instructor Razuvious
Overview: Razuvious is the trainer of the Lich King's Death Knights. Players must use his Understudies against him in battle.
Reward: Dancing Swords (4/4, 3 mana) - Deathrattle: Your opponent draws a card.

Gothik the Harvester
Overview: Gothik is a necromancer who commands an army of undead soldiers.
Reward: Spectral Knight (4/6, 5 mana) - Can't be targeted by spells and Hero powers

The Four Horsemen
Overview: Baron Rivendare is protected by his three fellow horsemen: Lady Blaumeux, Sir Zeliek and Thane Korth'azz. They must be dealt with before Rivendare can be defeated.
Reward: Deathlord (2/8, 3 mana) - Taunt. Deathrattle: Your opponent puts a minion from their deck on the battlefield.

Completing the Military Quarter also unlocks Baron Rivendare's card for your collection. This 4-mana minion has 1 attack and 7 health. When Rivendare is on the battlefield, he causes your other minions to trigger their Deathrattles twice. This should an effective card when used in conjunction with other Curse of Naxxramas minions, which commonly have Deathrattles.

Two Class Challenges will be available once you've completed the Military Quarter once on Normal. You'll have to beat specific Military bosses with the Warlock and Shaman. Here are the rewards you'll earn for each:
  • Shaman: Reincarnate (2 mana) - Destroy a minion and then return it to life with full Health.
  • Warlock: Voidcaller (4 mana, 3/4) - Deathrattle: Put a random Demon from your hand into the battlefield.
The launch time for the Military Quarter will depend on where you live. Here's the schedule Blizzard published today:
  • Americas: Tuesday, August 5th at 11:59 PM PDT
  • Europe: Tuesday, August 5th at 11:59 PM CEST
  • Korea/Taiwan: Wednesday , August 6th at 12:59 AM KST / Tuesday, August 5th 11:59 PM CST
  • China: Tuesday, August 5th at 11:59 PM CST
If you're still finishing up the earlier wings from Curse of Naxxramas, check out our strategy guide. We'll update it soon with strategies for the Military Quarter bosses.

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