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Hearthstone players are always coming up with creative decks to beat their opponents. However, this new deck is so ingenious that it prevents the other player from fighting back at all.

The deck, dubbed "Drunken Dragon," is based around two types of cards. The first is Nozdormu, a Legendary minion that reduces your opponent's turn from 90 seconds to 15. Nozdormu's ability can be useful but it's downright overpowered when combined with Youthful Brewmaster, a minion that lets you return another friendly minion to your hand.

First, the player plays Nozdormu and prevents it from being attacked with Conceal. The next turn, they play a Brewmaster and then another. They use the second Brewmaster to put the first one back into their deck. Then they repeat this process over and over until their turn ends. Here's what happens next, according to a Hearthpwn user's tutorial:
Once [your turn ends], the Brewmaster animations will continue. Your opponent won't be allowed to begin their turn until all the animations have finished, which will take up their whole 15 second turn. On your next turn, repeat the process. By doing this, you prevent your opponent from ever having a turn. On each of your turns, in addition to frantically chaining the pandas together, just attack with Nozdormu. In a few turns your opponent will be dead, and there's not a darn thing they can do about it.

You can see the combo at work in this video:

The combo isn't unbeatable. Nozdormu is a 9-mana minion so you won't be able to use him until late in the game. An opponent with an aggro deck that can attack right off the bat with low-cost spells and minions could present problems. Furthermore, you need to be lucky with your draws so you can get Nozdormu and both of your Brewmasters ready in time. The Drunken Dragon deck is loaded with other cards like Sap and Antique Healbot to stall the game until the combo can be played.

Nonetheless, the deck's success hinges on a bug. The animations from your cards shouldn't cut into your opponent's turn. Blizzard usually prefers to add new cards rather than nerf existing ones but this is clearly a technical problem that they need to address. At the very least, they could prevent Brewmasters from being used over and over like this.

"Personally, I think this combo is ridiculous, and shouldn't be part of the game," said the Hearthpwn user that made the deck's tutorial. "I'm hoping that bringing more attention to it will pressure Blizzard into fixing Nozdormu."

This isn't the first time that a Hearthstone player has broken the game with a creative combination of cards. A few months back, a player used Arcane Missiles and Prophet Velen to make his turn last 40 hours. With Blizzard regularly introducing new cards, it's inevitable that players will find unintended ways to use them.

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