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Today Hearthstone is receiving a major update that will add a new Tavern Brawl mode. The patch also brings three new Heroes for players to purchase.

Tavern Brawl mode has a new set of rules every week. For example, the first week of Brawl is called "Showdown at Blackrock Mountain" and challenges players to become Ragnaros or Nefarian. During this match between the two Blackrock Mountain villains, players will use a premade deck with cards not attainable anywhere else.

Future Tavern Brawls will have very different mechanics. One week you might be asked to create your own deck to fit specific requirements. Another week, certain minions could get a big buff.

Tavern Brawl will follow the same schedule each week. Here's the time table for each region:
  • Europe - Opens Wednesday at 5 PM CEST, closes Monday at 6 AM CEST
  • Americas - Opens Wednesday at 10 AM PDT, closes Monday at 3 AM PDT
  • Taiwan/China - Opens Thursday at 3 AM CST, closes Monday at 6 AM CST
  • Korea - Opens Thursday at 4 AM KST, closes Monday at 7 AM KST
All players with at least one hero at level 20 can play Tavern Brawls. Furthermore, it's completely free to do so. Winning your first game of the week will award you a free classic card pack, though only for a limited time.

The new heroes, however, won't be free. You'll have to pay $10 to unlock Magni, Medivh or Alleria for your collection. These heroes can be swapped in for the default characters in the Warrior, Mage and Hunter classes respectively. The new Heroes come with different animations and voiceover. Buying one of the Heroes also unlocks a matching card back. Their Hero ability and card selection are the same as the other characters in their class, though.

The Tavern Brawl patch also makes some minor bug fixes. Here's the full list of changes for both the PC and mobile versions:
  • [Mobile] You no longer have to log-in again when prompted to accept a new Terms of Use
  • [Android] Fixed a bug that prevented the Hearthstone app from running after it had been moved to external storage.
  • Core Rager now properly shows its attack and health buff in the History Tiles.
  • Fel Reaver now properly generates History Tiles when it destroys cards.
  • Non-golden Chromaggus now properly creates golden cards when the card drawn is golden.
  • Nozdormu no longer continues to produce a sandstorm effect after being Transformed.
  • Gang Up no longer displays more than 3 cards after being used on cards with Choose One.
  • Fixed an animation issue when golden cards with Taunt are destroyed.
  • Fixed an issue where Steamwheedle Sniper’s targeting effect was not appearing over the Golden Hunter’s Hero Power.
  • Fixed various graphical, sound, and UI issues.

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