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Here Are The Battlefield 1 Bonuses You Get When You Pre-Order

Electronic Arts and DICE haven't wasted any time at all in promoting the pre-order bonuses for the upcoming October release of Battlefield 1. The digital pre-order bonuses are limited to early access, themes, and a content pack for both the Xbox One and PS4.

Gamespot grabbed the news from DualShockers, where the digital pre-order details of Battlefield 1 for the Xbox One and PS4 were listed.

For the PS4, you get the Hellfighter Pack, which contains extra items for the game's main characters (the Harlem Hellfighters), a PS4 dashboard theme, and seven day early access to one of the maps that they have plans on releasing before 2016 ends.

The Xbox One obviously gets the better deal considering that, in addition to the Harlem Hellfights DLC pack and seven day early access to the map they plan on releasing late into 2016, there's an entire month of free EA Access membership that they throw in with the digital pre-order. Of course, gamers will have to work fast and activate/redeem the membership before November 3rd.

Whether you like EA Access or not, having access to an entire month to play some of the games from the Vault for free, or to gain access to trials and discounts just by digitally pre-ordering Battlefield 1 isn't a bad deal.

They don't list the physical pre-order bonuses, but it was mentioned during the live-stream on Friday that pre-ordering the game granted early access to play on October 18th, ahead of its October 21st worldwide release date. However, they didn't specify if digital pre-orders granted early access or just physical pre-orders enabled early access as well. Given how EA has been pushing so heavily for digital only content it wouldn't be surprising if digital pre-orders also granted early access.

The developers also plan on running a multiplayer beta for the game ahead of its launch, although it seems more like a promotional stint rather than them actually testing the game in beta as a real beta, but we'll see once it goes live. They haven't really detailed the beta all that much but, they did mention that those signing up for the Battlefield Insider will be keyed into the beta.

During the live-stream event, EA and DICE mentioned that more details on the beta will be unveiled at the EA Play event in the middle of June next month. It's likely that the Battlefield 1 multiplayer beta will take place before the summer is out in order to prep for the game's October release. I wouldn't even be surprised if they had some limited beta machines setup at the EA Play to allow gamers in attendance to get their hands on the title.

Battlefield 1 has already garnered quite a bit of attention for the simple fact that out of all of the sci-fi shooters coming out, it's the one game that decided to scale it back to the old-school flavors of World War I. We'll definitely learn more about the game, its gear, vehicles and classes leading up to EA Play.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.