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Tripwire Interactive sent out word that their first-person shooter, Killing Floor 2, will have a special double XP weekend starting today and ending on Monday at 1pm, May 2nd. The event will also increase the drop rate of items during the special weekend, so gamers can get their hands on some rare equipment.

The press release notes that the double XP will apply to leveling up perks for the various character classes in the game, ranging from the demolitions expert to the sharpshooter. The Firebugs were always a difficult class to get up due to the requirements for unlocking new perks and bonuses, but that shouldn't be too much of a problem with the extra experience roll out taking place this weekend.

The press release also talks a little bit about the new PvP mode that Tripwire included in Killing Floor 2, which sees players taking on the role of either humans or Zeds and going head-to-head against other players.

The game has never been known for its PvP but I suppose broadening the replay values with additional modes won't hurt. The PvE is where all the excitement is, though, and they wanted to highlight the game's continually growing stash of new maps and content in the Steam Workshop section.

Tripwire level designer Matthew 'Fever' Lefevere created a map and submitted it to the Killing Floor 2 Workshop. It's a museum stage where Lefevere put a lot of time and effort into creating a very detailed and immersive map with some amazing sculptures scattered about rooms with exquisite paintings hanging on the wall while a dark atmosphere looms about thanks to the low-lit galleries and shadowy hallways. You can grab the map from over on the Workshop page.

Players are already downloading the map and praising Lefevere for his efforts. The Museum map joins plenty of other weapons, maps and mods that have already begun to flood the Workshop for Killing Floor 2, where players can get their hands on all sorts of cool weapon skins, like the Nautilus ivory skin for the AA-12, or camouflage skins for the L85A2.

One hilarious item in the Workshop is a Pepsi skin for the Scrake. And while a large majority of items are skins, there's also plenty of maps ported over from the original Killing Floor, including one of my all time favorites.. the Harvest. But it's not all just remakes and remastered versions of maps from the first game, there are also some hilarious mods like Peach's castle from the N64 game Super Mario 64. And keeping in line with that kind of content, someone even managed to make a mod of the Blockfort map from Mario Kart 64.

Despite all the mods that are available for Killing Floor 2 and the fact that it has a special double XP weekend, the game is actually still in Early Access. Yes, Tripwire Interactive are still working hard on the title in Early Access at the moment.

There's no set release date on the game yet, but they say it'll be done when “it's done”. You can pick up a digital copy of the game for PC for $29.99. Killing Floor 2 is also expected to release on the PS4... when it's done.

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