Heroes & Generals, the recently greenlit game from Steam's Greenlight, has found itself a publisher in Square Enix. The Japanese publishing company will be taking over the public relations and promotional efforts to bring Heroes & Generals into the spotlight.

As noted in the news flash...
We'll continue to run a community driven development, and the main difference to how we've run things so far, is that Square Enix will be handling marketing and PR... oh, and we'll also be able to deliver a lot more content and expand the game a lot faster!

Heroes & Generals is a mixed-hybrid real-time strategy game fused in with a tactical, team-based first-person shooter. Players can build up their own troop using gold acquired through gameplay. This means that during a match you can send in air support, complete with paratroopers, additional tank forces or reinforcements. The game's locations are fought for across a sprawling map, keeping the intensity high and the goals apparent.

Heroes & Generals is currently undergoing closed beta testing, so if you're curious about becoming a part of the community feel free to learn more by visiting the Official Website. The game will be entirely free-to-play, so the cost of entry has been and will continue to be nil. You can also see the game in action with the trailer below.

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