Reto-Moto has announced that they are expanding their closed-beta testing for their new first-person shooter, Heroes & Generals. The announcement basically offers FPS fans more opportunities to join in on the beta and try out the new real-time strategy, first-person shooter MMO combination.

As stated in the news release...
"Heroes & Generals Storms into Closed Beta" - this is the headline of our latest press release, and this is exactly what we do! We believe that the look and feel of the game is quite mature with most game mechanics, features, graphics and audio well on the way. So we're going to scale up the number of players in the coming weeks as we go into a phase, where we're very focused on fixing bugs and balancing game mechanics.

Of course, Reto wants gamers to enjoy and have fun in the experience but they're also looking for people capable of reporting the bugs and the glitches. If you plan to just log-in and start camping like a CoD '09er or dive-bombing vehicles for the 'lulz' then you might do better sticking with Call of Duty or Battlefield for now.

Heroes & Generals will offer up plenty of camping and dive-bombing when the game hits open-beta, but for now Reto-Moto wants to get a lot of things fixed, so they're opening up the closed-beta to include more players in order to find bugs and make sure that the game launches as smooth and as bug-free as possible.

Needless to say, there will still be plenty of enjoyment to be had, with lots of vehicles driving around, snipers picking off headshots from a window up in an attic, or bicycle riding bombers with rocket launchers. Just make sure you're keeping note of those bugs when you find them, so Reto can nail e'm like a shoe on a roach.

You can learn more about the upcoming free-to-play RTS-FPS by paying a visit to the Official Heroes & Generals Website.

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