Wishing you were taking part in the Heroes of the Storm beta and jealous of your friends who have been enjoying it for the past several weeks? Well, you might want to be extra nice to them in the future, as a new wave of beta testing is set to begin that will allow those currently playing the game to invite their best buds to the party.

Spyrian made the announcement official over on the Heroes Nexus, explaining that the next beta phase will be a friends with benefits sort of situation.

“Essentially, a number of players will receive an email containing four Heroes of the Storm beta keys, which they can then give out to their friends and start brawling as a team,” reads the announcement. “Initially, we’re going to send these beta keys out to a rather small group of playtesters. If everything goes smoothly with this trial run, we will expand this program to include many additional players over the weeks to come.”

Spyrian said that this was being done as a way of saying “thank you” to the folks who have helped put the online game through its paces up to this point, but it won’t be the only way the beta phase continues to grow.

“It’s important to note, however, that this will not replace our existing closed beta invite waves, which we’re still sending out regularly,” continues the announcement. “We hope that many of you who receive these invitations will enjoy playing Heroes of the Stormeven more after introducing your friends to the game…”

So if you’ve already signed up to be a part of the beta, don’t fret, because regular invites are still being sent out. If you’ve got a friend playing the game, then your chances of getting in early just got bumped up a notch. Of course, you could always just waltz past the velvet rope by flashing a little cash and purchasing a $40 Founder’s Pack for the game, which will make you immediately eligible to jump into the Heroes beta.

For those of you who are still unfamiliar with the game, Heroes of the Storm, or HotS to the hip daddy-o’s, is the latest in MOBA genre of games currently enjoying a huge upswing in popularity. It’s a lot like League of Legends or DOTA 2 but, coming from the folks at Blizzard, it features familiar characters from games like World of Warcraft, StarCraft and more.

Teams of players pick their own heroes with unique sets of abilities, then use their collective strengths and weaknesses to strategically outmatch the opposition and gain control of various positions on the map.

Blizzard has kept pretty busy this year, what with Overwatch coming down the pipeline and Hearthstone continuing to shine. All early signs point to HotS being a real winner, so here’s hoping that this whole beta business won’t last much longer and the gates will finally be flung open for all to come rushing in.
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