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Blizzard is rewarding those of you out there who plan to spend the 4th of July weekend indoors, gaming, by giving you a couple of days full of double XP handouts. If you've been telling yourself that you want to get some good XP out of your Heroes of the Storm experience this is the perfect time to do so.

The news about the free-to-play MOBA was made over on the official forum, where community manager Spyrian explained why the double XP event is coming back and why they're running it through the full weekend, all the way up until July 6th 1:00pm, writing...
“As many of you are aware, our recent 100% XP Bonus event ended a day earlier than we had originally communicated. We’ve seen quite a bit of disappointment over this, as well as a progression issue that affected players in Europe, and we’d like to apologize for any frustrations these things have caused. In order to return some of this bonus time to you, we’re planning to offer an additional 100% XP Bonus event that will span an entire weekend.”

One thing worth keeping in mind is that the 1:00pm end date on July 6th will be region specific. So that goes for 1:00pm in each region, including British time zones. For the Americas that specifically relates to 1:00pm PST.

This is in light of many gamers feeling a bit burned when the original Heroes of the Storm double XP event ended early on June 24th.

If you scroll through the thread and read some of the comments by the Heroes of the Storm fans you'll notice that while some of them are excited about the double XP event a lot more of them are angry about the game's matchmaking setup.

To be fair, there really is no such thing as a perfect matchmaking system. Attempting to find a balance between “expert” players, “newbs” and “intermediate” players is almost an impossibility, especially when limited to teams of five.

There was even a pretty big issue in games like Battlefield, Call of Duty, Halo, APB: Reloaded and dozens of other competitive games where matchmaking is difficult to iron out because one thing to consider is that just because you win a lot doesn't mean you are good at the game (you could be getting carried a lot of times) just the same as getting a lot of kills may not always net you with a lot of wins (in which case you might end up against really good players or stuck with really crappy teammates). The nuances and variables that determine “appropriate” matchmaking is tough for a lot of companies... Blizzard included.

Of course, while some gamers rage over the matchmaking, others can up their game by dabbling in the weekend full of double XP.

If you've been holding off on taking a stab at Blizzard's free-to-play MOBA now may not be a bad time to go for it. Heroes of Storm makes a number of different changes to the MOBA formula by focusing more teamwork as opposed to rewarding lone wolves. You can learn more about the game by hitting up the official website.

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