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Blizzard is offering up a look at a new hero, The Butcher as part of the Eternal Conflict event set to go live at the end of June. He's a big bad boss from Diablo III and will be a playable character in Heroes of the Storm, along with a couple of other Diablo characters. A new video of The Butcher was also released along with a look at the new Diablo-themed map.

The news was posted over on Heroes Nexus and you can see The Butcher in action below.

The character seems very similar to Pudge from Dota 2, except without the Meathook skill. The skills of The Butcher are fairly devastating, as he can hook life out of an opponent and add it to his own, deal massive damage with an AOE or the one skill that really seems like it's going to cause a lot of raging and griefing is Lamb for the Slaughter. The Butcher throws down a hitching post and it attaches to any nearby opponents and chains them up for up to 4 seconds. That would be a huge hindrances to opponents if it's used at an opportune time.

The Butcher seems like a good damage dealing character who would work well in supporting burst damage characters like Diablo.

Additionally, Blizzard revealed a new map for Heroes of the Storm called Battle of Eternity, as part of the Eternal Conflict event. You can see part of it in action below with the flyover.

One of the setups of the map involves having two boss characters duke it out and whichever team intervenes and defeats one of the bosses will get them on their side as an ally. This creates an interesting dynamic in the map because unlike some other MOBAs out there Heroes of the Storm matches can be determined by elements within the map that are taken advantage of by a team on the lookout for opportunities to secure an unlikely victory.

The comment section on the site also burst out into all kinds of wild speculation about the other two potential characters that will join from Diablo III. Some of the commenters believe that King Leoric is a shoe-in for the roster, while a debate rages on about the number three slot, which some have potentially attributed to either Johanna, who is already out and available for Heroes of the Storm, or another angel character. Sometimes not knowing is the best part of the event.

The event, Eternal Conflict, will start on June 23rd in PTR and if there are no issues it will go live for everyone on June 30th. I'm sure many fans probably can't wait to find out who the other Diablo III characters are.

You can learn more about he Eternal Conflict for Heroes of the Storm by heading to the Heroes Nexus website.

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