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Blizzard is testing some fundamental changes to Heroes of the Storm that could make your future matches play out very differently.

The changes are intended to fix the flow of matches. For example, Blizzard noticed that teams had a tough time establishing an advantage early because the death timers are so short. It's hard to secure an objective or make headway on towers if the other team can rush back into battle after dying. Blizzard is fixing this problem by upping the time on resurrection for the first 10 levels. The differences are summed up in this chart:

Death timer changes

That's not a huge difference. At most, you'll be waiting an extra six seconds to be revived. Still, maybe those extra seconds will be just enough for the other team to take advantage of your death.

At the same time, the developers don't want early leads to guarantee wins. Blizzard, like other MOBA developers, wants comebacks to be possible throughout the match. One way they're trying to prevent matches from quickly snowballing is by changing the rate that characters grow in power:
In the current version of Heroes, game levels 1-14 had a very large stat difference from one level to the next. We identified later levels had less of a stat difference and power levels are more noticeable with talent picks instead of level gains. In an attempt to mirror the late game, we are flattening out the earlier levels to be more in line with how Heroes operates towards the late game. As an example, the difference between levels 17 and 19 is now very similar to the difference between level 7 and 9, when analyzing pure stats within the heroes themselves.

The hope is that by making stat growth more gradual, a team that's behind a level or two can still win a fight. Blizzard notes that you might be in trouble if the enemy team has hit the next tier of talents before you.

You can try out these changes on the Public Test Realm now on an alternate version of Cursed Hollow called "Scaling Test." This map will also be available on live servers as a Custom Game for a limited time starting October 6th.
While there will be inevitable bugs with providing access to the upcoming Test Map in its early infancy, ultimately we are seeking feedback on how the game progression feels with the changes to death timers and Hero Scaling throughout the match. We aim to address a majority of the bugs when we approach a more defined version of the Test Map.

Blizzard hasn't said when they plan to implement these changes into the game.

In addition to working on these admittedly dry changes, Blizzard is also cranking out new content for Heroes of the Storm. Lieutenant Morales, the Medic from StarCraft will be released in the near future. She'll be followed by Protoss warrior Artanis.