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Set to be officially announced at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show, one of the first third-party high-end renditions of the Steam Machine from OEM provider Digital Storm has had some of its specs leaked and a few details highlighted prior to its official release.

Following on the news that Valve is sending out their prototype Steam Machines this week, Maximum PC managed to get an early sip of the pint of information that Digital Storm is willing to tend to the public at the Consumer Electronics Show this upcoming January.

So what did the enthusiast tech site find out? Quite a bit, actually. The article states that information is thin but they managed to match some specs to a price. And as we all know, for the Glorious PC Master Race, specs are what determine whether you have a Glorious Rig or a Shameful Dust Eater. And as we all know, a measly Dust Eater is far worse than an outdated Carpet Muncher... ya know, because sometimes the ones with the giant exhaust suck up carpet lint.

Anyway, the Digital Storm Steam Machine will carry an Nvidia GTX Titan, opposite of iBuyPower's AMD R9 270. As we all know, the GTX Titan is close to the line of cards that was used to make the Xbox One games at E3 look like prime-time players. So basically, you can say that all those awesome games at E3 – exactly the way they looked at E3 – is how they can look and run on your Steam Machine.

Continuing to fit in well with the theme of the PCs running Xbox One games at E3, the Digital Storm Steam Machines will contain liquid cooling, potentially similar to the Corsair liquid-cooled PCs at E3. The system will also maintain “advanced airflow thermal management”, according to Maximum PC, and they will come equipped with a massive 700 watt power supply unit, which as you know, is powerful enough to power the power brick that powers the Xbox One.

Yep, just as the image shows, that thing is big enough that when it's time to turn on your Xbox One the system has to travel its currency the length of a state county just to get there. The power brick is so big that Barry Bonds accused Microsoft of using performance enhancing drugs to get it as big as it is. That power brick is so big it has its own area code.

All right, I'm done.

Anyway, the Digital Storm Steam Machine will be one of the upper-tier models Valve mentioned before in their spec sheet. The starting price will be $1,469. Obviously, it won't be competing directly in price with the Xbox One or PS4 like iBuyPower's Steam Machine, but it will undoubtedly outperform both consoles by exponential magnitudes.

And, as noted in the Maximum PC article...
“Digital Storm's rig will ship with both Valve's Linux-based SteamOS and Microsoft Windows, allowing the PC gaming master race to play any computer game out there. As for setup, you can place the system horizontally or vertically in your entertainment center, whichever is more convenient.”

You can visit the official teaser site for Digital Storm's Steam Machine right now. We'll provide further details on the living-room based home entertainment PC console when CES 2014 rolls around.

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