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Homeworld Remastered Beta Coming In February

Gearbox Software dropped some new information, details, a release date and a trailer for the upcoming Remastered edition of Homeworld. The bundle contains both Homeworld and Homeworld 2 and will be available for only $34.99 starting February 25th. Those who pre-order the game will be able to access the multiplayer beta that kicks off when the game launches at the end of February.

The news came tumbling out of the PAX South event this weekend, where Gearbox detailed their undertaking of revitalizing one of the most critically acclaimed games during the end of Sierra Interactive's run as a notable publisher.

Over on the Gearbox Software website, Brian Martel, Chief Creative Officer at Gearbox Software commented about the news, saying...

“Homeworld is among the greatest strategy games in history, and we’re very proud of the work our team has put into bringing this exceptional series to modern PCs,” … “We received a lot of great feedback from the passionate Homeworld fan community, and we hope to deliver a game they – and new fans from around the world – can get lost in for countless hours to come.”

Gosh, I remember way back in the day that 3D accelerators were just coming into their own when the original Homeworld was out. You needed a nice, beefy rig with a decent Voodoo or Diamond card to get the most out of the game. Now, any laptop or desktop is too powerful for the original games and you need compatibility patches just to run them correctly. My how times have changed, eh?

You can see the remastered edition of the Homeworld games in action with the trailer below.

Gearbox is really aiming to hit hard with that nostalgia stick. And even though they completely remastered the graphics and brought the visual complexity of the ships and atmosphere up to par for today's generation of gaming technology.

I do wonder how much of the engine they've had to overhaul to support denser 3D geometry and higher-definition textures? Some games run into problems being upscaled for today's technology because the software wasn't designed to process that level of detail.

Nevertheless, Gearbox brought on former members from the original design team at Relic to help remaster the. Rob Cunningham, who co-founded Relic Entertainment and served as the original art director of Homeworld, commented about the real-time strategy space sim being re-released, saying...

"It is a very special and rare thing to see a project so close to your heart not only get re-released, but remastered with such loving care and attention,” … “That fact alone is a wonderful privilege for me, but it is beyond rare to be working on an all-new entry as well! I have been sucked into a bubbling time-vortex hot tub of Homeworld – and I love it."

With Star Citizen still a ways off from release, Elite Dangerous not quite living up to expectations, and Limit Theory still heavy in development, gamers itching for a large-scale space simulation experience can look for Homeworld Remastered Collection this February.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.