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If you remember the games Outlast and Daylight, then this new horror game, Relapse, will feel very familiar. Relapse recently released an official cinematic trailer alongside the debut of their official Kickstarter page. You can check out the trailer below.

The brief cinematic trailer doesn’t give you too much information, but the story follows the player, who is an urban blogger, into the heart of Arcadia Asylum. While trapped inside Arcadia, the player is in a constant battle with a psychotic man by the name of Dirk. You can’t let Dirk get to you. You can set up traps to slow him down or use items to make your presence less known.

What I already like about the idea around this horror game is that it isn’t just based on exploration of an empty, haunted asylum. The player actually has someone after them, which I think creates a whole other level of tension and fear. If you can see in the images and trailer, it looks like you only get so much battery life for your flashlight, which is kind of what Outlast was like. It creates that next level of anxiety. Because once that battery runs out, you’re out of light. Of course, this very tool in-game was the reason I couldn’t finish Outlast, because I was finally outside of the asylum and my battery ran out and I couldn’t see anything. It was a very depressing moment. I really hope this game doesn’t introduce some of the same problems.

Relapse draws inspiration from games like Amnesia and MYST, and it involves not only puzzle play, but survival horror. And if you decide to back the game, there’s some seriously cool rewards like dinner with the development team and a signed retro boxed copy of the game. If Relapse reaches the £50,000 stretch goal, the dev team will make it so that the game will adapt to the player’s own personal fears so that the experience is that more terrifying for them. How neat is that?

At the time of writing, Relapse has only brought in $2300 out of the $29,000 goal with 17 days to go, but that’s not an impossible feat. If you would like to back the game, you can visit the official Kickstarter campaign.