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Usually, browser games are crap. And I’m not going to sit around and excuse the poor graphics, uninteresting gameplay and mildly entertaining audio as a good way to game, because it’s not and oftentimes it’s not even worth reporting on. However, Mindemia has stepped up to the plate to offer gamers something a little bit different and far superior to what the competition is doing. Hostile Sector is a turn-based, team-oriented, strategic 3D MMORPG similar to popular PC titles like Jagged Alliance and X-Com: UFO Defense.

As stated in the press release…
By combining small scale, squad tactics with a persistent, multiplayer, 3D environment a unique gaming opportunity is created. Hostile Sector is a persistent, team based and turn based tactical, strategical and social browser game currently in alpha stage. Inspired by isometric, tactical games, Hostile Sector takes the genre to full 3D combining it with strategic elements based on the conquering of territories, and a hierarchial group system that will allow players to form command structures.

Hopefully this game will join the ranks of other prestigious browser-based games such as Earth Eternal and Guns of Icarus, both of which set the bar high for quality, browser titles.

You can check out a few screenshots or keep up-to-date on the game’s progress by heading on over to the Official Website

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