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The top-down shooter Hotline Miami 2 was playable on the showfloor at UK gaming convention Rezzed. If you're not in attendance, you can still watch a seven-minute video of the demo right now.

The VG247 video takes us through the opening moments of the game. The tutorial is revealed to be a movie set. This crew is making a film based on the events of the first Hotline Miami.

The scene then shifts and we're introduced to a group known as the Fans. These guys wear animal masks like Hotline Miami's protagonist Jacket and want to become him. One of them is wearing a blood-stained mask apparently once owned by Jacket. In a cutscene, the Fans decide to finally embark on their vigilante killing spree to pay tribute to their idol. The next few levels in the demo follow them on their quest.

The basic gameplay seems unchanged. Players can only take one hit before dying. Getting through each level, then, requires a whole lot of dying. It's a bit like Super Meat Boy with guns: you're just throwing yourself at the level over and over again, getting closer to beating it with each death.

The visuals aren't much different, either. Dennaton Games didn't suddenly introduce 3D visuals or anything like that. The game still looks like it was released in the mid-nineties. The game's set in the nineties as well so it's not inappropriate.

While Hotline Miami 2 looks very close to the first game, Dennaton has promised some changes, though, such as new weapons and "new gore." They're apparently adding a horde mode as well to test players' combat skills to the utmost.

Hotline Miami 2 is expected to launch later this year. PC, Mac, Linux are the only announced platforms so far. The original Hotline is also available on Xbox 360, and will come to PS3 and Vita next week. It's possible the game will spread to those platforms as well.

Rezzed is a gaming convention devoted to the PC and indie scene. It's presented by Rockpapershotgun and Eurogamer. It's happening this weekend at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, England.

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