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Any gamer who happens to love American football knows that the Madden NFL series leads the pack when it comes to popularity and sports franchise sales figures. But just because the series has reached new heights as an interactive sports game, it doesn’t mean it’s exempt from improvement.

Gaming Front is currently running an article that lists a few suggestions on improving specific aspects of Madden. For instance, they list that Franchise mode could do with some minor replay-overhauls. Sort of like bringing back the option to modify stadium and ticket prices or implement more press related events that could potentially affect team performance and crowd turnouts. EA Chicago used a toned-down version of the inclusion of media and press events in Fight Night Round 3, so it’s not an impossible feature to add, even if it’s nothing more than a quick-time event.

The article also goes on to list a few other additions, such as a minor change in the way players can train player abilities or adding more flair and panache to the Superbowl events in the game. Whether you agree or not with Gaming Front’s suggestions, it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re an EA Madden NFL fan.
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