Seeing as how the recently revealed Battlefield 1 will boast an online competitive mode, it should surprise no one that the game will have a beta period leading up to the final Oct. 21 release. But thanks to a press release from EA, we now know one way folks can get in on that beta testing nice and early.

EA and Dice are likely going to want to make sure that the Battlefield 1 launch goes off without a hitch, and the best way to do that is to have a bunch of eager players test the servers and modes in advance of the launch. The developers managed to earn a lot of good will courtesy of yesterday's fantastic reveal trailer for the new Battlefield game, but many players still have a bitter taste in their mouth thanks to the botched launch and painfully slow correction of course for Battlefield 4.

So you want to get in on that beta test for Battlefield 1 and help get the game to market as smoothly as possible? Well, all you have to do, as it turns out, is sign up for a newsletter.

Head on over to the Battlefield Insider sign-up page, give them all of the requested details like your age and email address, and you're apparently good to go. You'll notice at the top of that page that it states you can “Enlist today” in order to get access to the upcoming Battlefield 1 public beta, as well as earn in-game rewards, special content and get sneak peeks and news for all things Battlefield.

No need to pre-order the game or buy some completely different game in order to earn a seat in the upcoming beta this time around. Simply sign up for the newsletter and it appears you will be ready to roll.

Since the game doesn't come out until late fall, we're not expecting the beta to go live for a while yet. It would probably make sense to have a closed beta sometime this summer, then invite everyone in for the public beta stress test once early kinks have been worked out and the game has moved closer to launch. Then again, they could choose to surprise everyone much sooner than expected.

Here's hoping the beta goes well, as EA and Dice have set themselves up for a potential turning of the tide with this latest crop of shooters. To say folks were displeased with the future-bound Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare might be something of an understatement. Still, we expect that game will sell just fine. But since everyone is now going ga-ga for the WWI-focused Battlefield 1, this fall could mark a point in time when the shooter crown finally shifts to another king.

We are, as always, open to hearing your input in the comments section below.
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