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The Humble Bundle is back with a variety of high-quality indie games. The bundle includes noteworthy games like Q.U.B.E.: Director's Cut and the open-world survival, tweed-punk game Sir, You Are Being Hunted.

There's literally something in there for everyone, from fighting games to point-and-click games to puzzle games to strategy games. Daedalic Entertainment's Goodbye Deponia is one of the games in the list, a quirky point-and-click, animated adventure game set on a distant planet. As previously mentioned, Toxic Games' Q.U.B.E.: Director's Cut is also in the list, a game that is very similar to Kim Swift's Portal games and has made waves on PC and on home consoles.

One of the games that always held my attention since it first came onto the scene with Steam Greenlight years ago is Gang Beasts, a local four-player battle royale where players fight for supremacy. It's an odd but creatively brilliant game where physics-based grappling rules the day and players attempt to beat the living snot out of each other as they try to come out victorious in various scenarios. The only drawback to Gang Beasts being in the bundle is that it's the Early Access version, and it unlocks when customers pay $10 or more. There's also a DIY Gang Beasts stature that unlocks at $25 or more. And there's seven DIY figures available for those who pay $75 or more.

Another really big fan favorite in the bundle is Skullgirls, the mostly all-female fighting game that was brought to life on home consoles and PC. The title is beloved within the core fighting community because it takes a very different approach to the fighting mechanics by infusing high-impact moves with quirky characters using cartoon animations. The abundant and clearly designed fan-service and ample roster of visually appealing characters has kept it being played continuously by a dedicated audience and it's unlocked in the Humble Bundle for only $6.63.

Another awesome game part of the bundle is Planetary Annihilation, a crowd-funded game that kicked the RTS genre so hard in the sack that the planet cracked. The game is an over-the-top, real-time strategy game that doesn't hold back on the chaos, mayhem and global destruction. Even more than that is that the bundle also comes with a 66% off coupon for Planetary Annihilation: Titans, the new expansion pack for Planetary Annihilation. The game is also part of the $6.63 unlock tier, which means you can grab the game at a steal-worthy price.

Another game that had been moving around on my personal radar is Xenonauts, the spiritual successor to Micropose's X-Com. It's an isometric, sprite-based strategy game with turn-based combat, destructible environments and unit micromanagement. If there were things you didn't like about Firaxis' XCOM reboot and there were things you wanted to experience with a more old-school take on the isometric, turn-based strategy genre, then Xenonauts gets it done. It, too, can be unlocked for only $6.63.

And finally, the crowd-funded open-world survival game from one of the prominent members of Rock, Paper, Shotgun called Sir, You Are Being Hunted is also part of the bundle. It's part of the “pay anything you want” tier, and features players attempting to survive out in the wild while being hunted by tweed-punk, gentlemen robots. Crazy right?

Apparently there will be more games to unlock soon but you can check out the basic Humble Bundle 15 right now by hitting up the official website. As usual, majority of the funds go toward charities, including the Child's Play Charity and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

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