The latest Humble Indie Bundle is now on sale. Humble Indie Bundle 8 offers seven games, including top-down shooter Hotline Miami and side-scrolling multiplayer game Awesomenauts, for a price set by the customer.

Other games in the bundle include first-person adventure Dear Esther, puzzle-platformer Thomas Was Alone, action platformer Capsized, sandbox game Little Inferno and audio-visual exploration Proteus.

You can pay whatever you want to receive DRM-free, PC/Mac/Linux copies of Esther, Thomas, Capsized, Inferno and Awesomenauts. In order to get Steam keys as well, you'll need to pay over $1. You have to pay more than the average customer (currently $5.69) to get access to Hotline Miami and Proteus.

Hotline Miami is one of my favorite games of last year so I'd argue that the bundle is worth it just for that game alone. It's a gory, strategic and satisfying mess. It's too bad that Hotline's soundtrack isn't one of the six digital soundtracks included with the bundle, though.

Humble Bundle 8 will be available for two weeks.

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