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The ninth Humble Indie Bundle is now on sale for PC, Mac and Linux. Humble Indie Bundle 9 gives you several games from independent developers for whatever price you want to pay.

The first game in HIB9 is the side-scroller Trine 2: Complete Story. Players must guide a wizard, thief and knight through treacherous lands filled with monsters and obstacles. You can control all three characters on your own or enlist two other players. The Complete Story version also includes the Goblin Menace expansion pack and Dwarven Caverns level.

Mark of the Ninja is also a side-scroller, albeit a very different one. The game stars an unnamed ninja hunting down mercenaries who attacked his dojo. The player must sneak through levels and silently take out any enemies in their way. They'll use a variety of gadgets including darts and noise makers to avoid detection.

Ninja developer Klei Entertainment is also including a beta version of Eets Munchies. Eets, described as a "puzzle game for the whole family," stars a cute monster with a ravenous hunger. Players will have to guide him through various puzzles. They can also build their own challenges with a level editor.

The fourth and final game in HIB9 is Brutal Legend. Roadie Eddie Riggs has been warped to a heavy metal fantasy world in which humans have been enslaved by demons. Eddie will use his magical rock abilities to set the humans free. His quest is a mixture of open-world exploration, third-person hack-and-slash, and real-time strategy.

You can get DRM-free copies of these games for PC, Mac and Linux by paying whatever you want. A purchase of $1 or more will get you Steam keys as well. If you pay more than average ($4.11 right now), you'll also get Fez and FTL: Faster Than Light. Fez is a 2D platformer in which players can rotate the world to traverse obstacles. In FTL, you command a starship through star systems inhabited by pirates, rebels and other dangers.

HIB9 buyers can decide where their money goes. They can give it to Humble Bundle Inc., the developers, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, or charity. The participating charities for this bundle are Child's Play, a group dedicated to providing toys for children's hospitals, and Watsi, a group that allows you to fund medical card for the needy.

Like previous Humble Bundles, Humble Indie Bundle 9 will only be available for two weeks so buy it while you can.

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