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Ubisoft and 1C Company released a new trailer for IL2-Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover, featuring real-to-life planes and more than two dozen different flying vehicles available for players to play around with in the sky. If that’s not enough to get your thumbs sweating with anticipation maybe the inclusion of 128-player open-sky battles will.

To be completely honest, though, these games have never been easy to play. When you talk hardcore flight simulator the Sturmovik series has always been the top of the crop when it comes combing the skies in authentic World War II planes. I’m just curious if it will still be a challenge just taking off without crashing the plane.

You can check out the new trailer for the game below and look for the game to become exclusively available for PC this spring. For more info on the gameplay and mechanics feel free to visit the Official IL2 Sturmovik Website.

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