The side-scrolling arcade action title based on Indonesian folklore and featuring one super fleshed out, character-driven story -- INheritage for mobile devices has launched in all its full glory today, with a PC release scheduled for further down the road.

The game has received quite a bit of praise for taking on a different kind of approach to the typical bullet-hell side-scroller. The game itself follows the story of a young girl chosen to protect her village from powerful demi-gods (ala Evangelion without the big cool alien mechs), and it's up to players to guide the main character, Nala, through the world to save her city. Check out the full description from the press release below...
INheritage tells the story of Nala, a school girl who is chosen as the protector of Bandung after dying along with her friend in a horrific incident. Nala is now an “Arca,” a powerful being who keeps the material and spirit worlds in check. When the roots of the Tree of Life (“Kalpataru”) that support the barrier between the two realms suddenly disappear, Nala must protect her city from horrifying Yaksa demi-gods. Empowered by Kalpataru and guided by the city's spirit (“Rakyan”), Nala must fight to defend Bandung and send the Yaksa back to their realm.

There's a strong mix of both 2D, hand-animated character sprites for the cut-scenes and storytelling elements, as well as HD images for the in-game combat and arcade-style gameplay.

Also, for classical gaming enthusiast, the game sports full Indonesian voice-acting with English subtitles, so you can enjoy the title the way you used to enjoy a lot of imported PSX/PS2 JRPGs. Ah, those used to be the days, eh?

You can grab INheritage right now as a lite version for free or as the full version for $1.99 from the iTunes app store. Need more info? Feel free to visit the official website.

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