The world is under attack by invading monsters and Soulbinders, those gifted in the capture and control of legendary creatures, are the only force capable of fighting back the oncoming storm of evil. In Aeria Mobile’s newest free-to-play card collecting game, Immortalis, the player takes on the persona of one of these Soulbinders on a quest to restore balance to the world. Also, it’s available now for iOS.

Okay, so maybe the premise isn’t exactly the most original bit of fiction to come down the pipeline, but the reason so many games utilize this exact same formula is because it works so damn well. Collectable card games, especially of the free-to-play mobile variety, are a huge hit right now. So long as players can fight monsters, quest across a fantasy land and add strength to their forces through new cards featuring additional abilities and monsters, they seem to be happy. So, yes, the threat of invading monsters and “catching them all” isn’t new, but why fix what ain’t broken?

Instead, Aeria Mobile looks to be beefing up the standard CCG formula a bit, adding in gorgeous art work, a creative new battle system, a massive world to explore and a ridiculous number of creatures to collect and command. Immortalis features 650 monsters, many of which are torn from well-known legends, and 70 different zones to explore. Along with the single player story, players can also form guilds, play co-op, take on rival guilds, battle in PvP and check out a slew of leaderboards.

You can snag Immortalis for free right now through iTunes. Daily events are being held in-game for the first few weeks following launch, so you might want to act quickly if you don’t want to miss any of the action.

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