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Indie Game Challenge Voting Sweepstakes And Finalists Announced

Word has been sent out that not only have 12 finalists been chosen in the Indie Game Challenge, but those who vote for the finalists have a chance to win a sweepstakes. It’s like an absolute win-win situation for everyone.

According to the press release…

Voters for the Gamer’s Choice Award will be entered into the Gamer’s Choice Sweepstakes, which offers a grand prize of a trip for two to Los Angeles to tour G4 studios, passes to attend a taping of the popular “X-Play” program, and a meet-and-greet with “X-Play” host Adam Sessler. The sweepstakes winner will be selected March 12.

The Gamer’s Choice Award is part of the $350,000 prizes available in the Indie Game Challenge. The winner of the GCA will walk away with $10,000 when they’re announced at D.I.C.E. in Las Vegas, on February 19th. That very same day will also play host to the unveiling of the Indie Game Challenge winner.

You can check out the finalists of the IGC below or visit the Official Website for more information.

Non-Professional Category (Game/Team)

• Climb to the Top of the Castle – TwO Bros. Games

• Dreamside Maroon – Terraced

• Galactic Arms Race – Galactic Arms Race

• Gear – Team 3

• Waker – Poof Productions

• zeit2 – brightside games

Professional Category (Game/Team)

• Aaaa! A Reckless Disregard for Gravity – Dejobaan Games, LLC

• Altitude – Nimbly Games

• Cogs – Lazy 8 Studios

• Fieldrunners – Subatomic Studios

• Miegakure – Marc ten Bosch

• Vessel – Strange Loop Games

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.