Infinity Hero Trailer Showcases New MOBA Style RPG

The upcoming, colorful looking action-strategy game from LiMaoGame Entertainment is a new PvE take on the multiplayer battle arena genre, also known as a MOBA game. The title sees players taking on characters and battling it out in unique environments while leveling up the character and grinding on bad guys.

The new trailer from LiMaoGame is a collage of gameplay-centric combat and exploration, giving gamers a nice look at what they can expect from the upcoming title. The gameplay is typical MOBA-style fanfare, and I honestly can't say there's anything definitively striking about Infinity Hero that you won't find in other MOBA games other than perhaps the stage designs and level layouts. You can check out the new footage of the game in the new trailer below, courtesy of MMOSite.

The game has been described as a hybrid of Torchlight meets League of Legends. I'd say that's a good summation of the game's appearance and general aesthetic. The 3-lane defense tactic is also still in play, so traditional DOTA-style gameplay will definitely be present.

I'm not sure how I feel about his game just yet, given that there isn't a lot of info on the game (in English) and we'll basically have to wait until a North American/European publisher/distributor steps in to license the game before we'll be able to find out more.

If you know how to get hold of a fake Chinese ID you can sign-up for the beta over at the official website. Just don't start complaining if guys in PLA gear show up at your front door and truck you off to rot away in a cell after they find out you've been using a fake Chinese ID.

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