The latest game to land on Kickstarter is Glasswing Studio's Insection, asking for a breezy £280,000. That's a pretty thick number for an unproven game from a little known studio and just over a quarter of a million pounds on the line.

As the video above notes, the game has been in development for just over three months. The additional funds would enable the team to finance and finish the game. The press notice description labeled it as a Left 4 Dead meets Starship Troopers mash up.

The video doesn't do the concept any justice because we don't really get a scope of the gameplay and so the idea of missions, characters and shooting falls a little flat. However, if the game is as good as it could potentially be – aiming to provide a colorful, alien-survival experience while completing objectives and taking on increasingly difficult opponents.

I have no idea how well gamers will warm to the somewhat esoteric aesthetic, but if gamers welcomed Zeno Clash into their libraries I don't see why Insection would be any different. You can also grab a quick glimpse at the shooting in this quick six-second video below just so you have idea of what to expect.

There are four characters, just like Left 4 Dead, complete with a robot, two guys and a female character that would have a certain group of people flaming threads and comment sections with enough force, one might assume that Harry Reid dropped the 'N' word while trying to “save the senate”.

Nevertheless, I've got to say that the concept on paper looks slightly more interesting than the game's proof of concept. It's not bad but I would definitely need to see more before I'm won over. I like what the game is trying to achieve and where it's trying to go, and it's obviously niche, but will it be enough to hit the mark with 18 days to go? I don't know, we'll see.

If you're still not convinced there's one more video you can check out of the game below. Alternatively, if you are convinced, you can contribute to the cause by visiting the official Kickstarter page.

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