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Despite being dated and perpetually aging, the Source Engine has continued to find new life in the world of interactive entertainment, and usually to the tune of moderate success. The latest game to use Valve's versatile and enjoyable toolset is a game called Insurgency from New World Entertainment, an official spinoff from the 2007 mod for Half-Life 2, which garnered more than a million downloads.

Yes, Insurgency started as a mod and eventually evolved into its own little thing, complete with graphics you might find on an annually released shooter that mimics Hollywood blockbusters, and enough players to get Battlefield fans to nod in appreciation.

The game isn't using the traditional publishing method but instead focusing on engaging the community while finishing up development, as noted in the press release...
INSURGENCY’s “Early Access” invitation is an example of an indie development team working directly with its community to create a compelling combat experience, while distinguishing itself from mainstream shooters. The game moves away from a release-package publishing model to a persistent development process that adapts an established genre with the future of social gaming.

For $19.99 gamers will be given access to the game's early pre-beta phase along with the full game when it does release. It's a similar method used at places like Desura or Steam's rare but growing affinity for pre-release alpha/beta access programs.

The game sports 32 players, customizable weapons and intense, somewhat realistic gameplay.

You can sign-up for the beta right at this very moment, or learn more about this mod-turned-real game by visiting the Official Website.