Intel has a new campaign for their Ultrabook laptops. The campaign is a whimsical video showing off the numerous ways the Ultrabook can be used to perform simple, light-hearted, enlightening, fun and innovative tasks. What's more is that this campaign has viral web-sensation written all over it and could spell danger for Apple's Macbook line.

The trailer is a great alternative to the popular Apple advertisements that show the iProducts as a fun, casual line of technology suited for anyone who just wants to have fun while getting things done. What's more is that the Ultrabook campaign below doesn't position itself as an antagonist to Apple at all, but more like an alternative. I'm definitely digging it. Check it out below.

The real-TV vibe was pretty cool, capturing reactions and moments that seemed genuinely human and real. And while specs, details and hardware performance weren't much of a focal point of the campaign, the video does detail just how fast the Ultrabooks are for rendering full-screen images in unison. In fact, the new line of Ultrabooks due out this year will be Windows 8 ready and will have Intel's own i5 chips powering their every function.

Of course, for most gamers, the real question is whether that whimsical campaign can work for real-world results when playing stuff like League of Legends, Battlefield 3 and the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V. I guess we'll see once the second phase of Ultrabooks hit store shelves.

You can learn more about Intel's Ultrabooks or check out more of their Pop-Up Theatre campaign by visiting the Official Intel Website.

Ultrabook vs Macbook

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