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Currently in closed-beta, the upcoming Transpee is an arcade, kart-style racer that happens to be a free-to-play MMO. It’s a family oriented racer so there’s no worries about it being like an online version of Twisted Metal, although a Twisted Metal MMO would be pretty cool. Nevertheless, we’re talking about Transpee and we had GameHi’s Calvin Young answer a few questions regarding the free-to-play racer, it’s customization features, viability for a broad audience of gamers and how it fits into the North American MMO market.

Blend Games: I’m glad GameHi is working on publishing more original MMOs. The market has suddenly become over-crowded with a lot of MMO games that all seem to be same. But how did Transpee first come into the picture and why was it important to publish a kart racing game?

Calvin Young: We wanted to diversify and strengthen our portfolio. Our portal is to service not only GameHi titles but also other titles from 3rd-party developers. We are developing MMORPGs as well as FPS, TPS, casual, and wuxia games and Transpee is one of them. There are a lot of different games in service in North America but not many racing games. We see opportunities in the genre.

Blend Games: Kart racing has become popular in gaming thanks to casual titles like Mario Kart and Micro Machines. Is Transpee still aimed at the same kind of gamer who grew up on the aforementioned titles, or is it a game that also borrows elements from simulation style racing games as well?

Calvin: If you take a look at Transpee’s trailers or screenshots, you will realize that it is a casual racing game that targets “light” users. This CBT’s main focus will be on speed and various map contents – the basic features of racing. However, as the game service continues, we will add features like user customization – karts, tires, engine – as well as various decorative items such as decal. Aside from the astounding graphics, detail-oriented customization that will intricately change your game controls will offer fun not offered in every casual racing game.

Blend Games: What are some of the power-ups that players will be able to use in the game and does the game support a lot of team-based tactics?

Calvin: Since Transpee is a racing game whose outcome is determined by a second or two, we are not planning for any direct power-up items. However, we will offer kart customization to the extent that will not harm the game balance. In Transpee, the map contents change depending on the concept of the map. For instance, in “Art World”, a new map, there are plenty of obstacles such as stiff corners and train courses, as well as a cliff where big bowling balls race down at you. In these circumstances, rather than going for maximum speed, team strategy becomes an important factor. These aspects will increase as clan/guild system is introduced.

Blend Games: Transpee has been under the press radar, so there hasn’t been a lot shown off regarding the tracks in the game. For those who have never heard of this game, what can they expect from the track selection in Transpee?

Calvin: Among the maps introduced during 2nd CBT, we would like to recommend “Art World”. There are a lot of geographical obstacles – an uphill with big balls rolling down, trains that block the middle of a road, a short-cut you can reach only by using boosters, etc. The background is bright and colorful, making the gameplay more fun.

Blend Games: Transpee isn't the first kart racing game out there and I'm sure some readers might like to know what specifically differentiates Transpee from a game like Alaplaya’s arcade racer, Racing Star?

Calvin: Transpee aims to become an easily-playable casual racing game, emphasizing the basic fun of racing, as well as offering intricate differences in game controls by customization and/or upgrades or karts, engine, tire, etc. Thank you for your interest in GameHi and our titles and we hope to provide you with more diversified portfolio of games. Cheers.

For more information on Transpee be sure to head to the Official Website.

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