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Interview: iMEvil Star David Sobolov

Have you ever talked with someone whose voice you would never forget, no matter if you never saw their face? Well, David Sobolov is one of those people. His voice has been featured in over 40 video games, such as Halo Wars, Call of Duty 4, as well as the upcoming Brutal Legend. Blend Games recently spoke with Sobolov, whose voice is being featured in a new iTunes application called iMEvil.

How did you first get into voice acting?

David: About 15 years ago I was doing stage plays with an a cappella singing group. An agent heard the 'deep voice' and asked me if I'd like to start auditioning for cartoon work. My first series was Vortech for Fox in 1995. I did a few animated series in the '90's before the game work began.

How was the transition from voice acting for cartoons and tv shows to voicing video games?

David: It was a very natural transition. Games need characters too...and they often hire me to play the evil ones. You'll get a really good taste of the types of characters I often play in video games in my new iPhone app, iMEvil

What is the best and worst things about voice over work, in your opinion?

David: I love the variety. Everquest II is a good example. I recorded parts over several sessions totaling about 23 different characters. I'd show up at a session and never know what they were going to throw at me. That didn't make me made it fun. The worst things are the German characters where we're talking about sausage...OH, you said WORST. It's happening less and less in games, but it's never fun when the entire point of a character ends up being how much lung tissue you can leave on the glass screaming for four hours. Thankfully, games are becoming a lot more cinematic and the characters are becoming a lot more complex.

In Halo Wars you voiced the character "Arbiter", are there any future plans involving yourself and the Halo franchise in the future?

David: Unless they bring him back from the dead, we're probably done with the Arbiter...but who knows what they have in store for me in the future!

How was it voice acting on a game who's main character's voice [Jack Black] is a superstar?

David: Brutal Legend was big fun...the characters I play are hugely alive...and Tim Schafer's lines are hilarious. It's one of the funniest games I've ever done...and having Jack Black as the star is definitely cool.

Were there any direct scenes or takes between yourself and Black?

David: Some of my characters interact with Jack in the game, but I haven't yet had the pleasure of meeting the man. We did everything on our own.

Providing voices for over 40 different video games and countless cartoons and tv shows, how have you become so successful?

David: There's no magic formula...I just go in, do the best I can, and with any luck, people will enjoy what I've done. At the end of the day in's about just showing up and giving 100%. Then in time you get a reputation...mine is just a little more evil than most! iMEvil!

The iTunes application, iMEvil, will be available for download through the iTunes App Store for $1.99 USD.