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Full Control announced today that they're planning on reviving Jagged Alliance...yet again. This time, however, they're not doing it to simply cash-in on the brand's name and they're going back to do things right, in the same vein that the original game and its sequel were designed.

As noted in the press release...
Based on the widely popular critically acclaimed Jagged Alliance series, Jagged Alliance: Flashback is not just a reboot, but a reset that returns the franchise to the tactical turn-based action of the original games.

I like that they want to get back to the basics. I'm just really hoping that we can see some gameplay that focuses on improving what was already established in Jagged Alliance 2. I'm very tempted to say that that game is still the best turned based game I've ever played. All those fake spin-offs and alternates like Hired Guns, JA: Online and Back in Action that really just tarnished the brand more than anything.

The full details of Full Control's Jagged Alliance attempt will be unveiled soon on Kickstarter and there are a few things I really hope make it into the title: Fully destructible environments like Jagged Alliance 2. Stealth options like Jagged Alliance 2. Melee and knife-oriented options like in Jagged Alliance 2. The ability to climb, duck, crawl and go prone, like in Jagged Alliance 2. The ability to trigger multiple explosives simultaneously, like in Jagged Alliance 2. And a day and night shift cycle...like in Jagged Alliance 2.

For now, you can visit the Jagged Alliance: Flashback website to keep updated on the Kickstarter progress.