Gamigo and Cliffhanger Productions have announced that Jagged Alliance Online has officially gone live. The entire beta testing phase is done and over with and any and all gamers are welcome to check out the new free-to-play, strategy based mercenary sim.

Even though the game is ready for open-beta, the team won't stop when the public starts playing. They have intentions to keep rolling out new content on a regular basis and churning out quality expansions to keep players interested.

According to a note from the development team [via Blues]...
We are pleased to announce that Jagged Alliance Online has officially reached the end of beta testing and the full, completed version is now ready to play.

We are proud to present to you one of the most, in our opinion, unique titles in the Jagged Alliance series. We hope you enjoy playing the game!

At this stage we would like to thank all beta testers for their feedback, bug reports, and for the patience and perseverance they have had with both Jagged Alliance Online and ourselves.

The game brings back many of the classic mercenaries from Sir-Tech Interactive's beloved isometric turn-based strategy game, as well as new locations, weapons and play mechanics, making it a nice alternative to Jagged Alliance: Back In Action, which released earlier this year.

Gamers looking to try their hand at the multiplayer can do so right now with the brand new PvP mode or brush up on their jungle-predator skills by registering for the free-to-play sim and hopping right into the game by visiting the Official Website.

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