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Gamigo has announced that two of their newest acquisitions will be starting closed-beta testing. UFO Online: Fight For Earth’s CBT starts today and the online browser-based version of Sci-Tech’s famous turn-based strategy game, Jagged Alliance Online, will head into CBT a few days from now.

Jagged Alliance Online takes a lot of the action from the old-school 90s action-oriented strategy game and puts it online for players to either cooperatively or competitively battle it out for territory, weapons, loot and money. The game makes the necessary advancements on the browser-based strategy genre as you might expect and there’s a brief look at the gameplay over on the official website.

UFO Online: Fight for Earth, is a lot closer to the classic X-Com than the new game from 2K, XCOM. In UFO Online players will use their wits and strategic team tactics to out-wit, out-maneuver and out-gun the alien invaders using modern day and sci-fi weaponry. The game is in 3D but still uses classic turn-based elements to help keep the intensity high and the action frantic.

You can sign up for both games and partake in the UFO Online CBT right now. For further information on either game be sure to pay a visit to the Official Jagged Alliance Online Website or the Official UFO Online Website.