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Venerable martial arts action star and internationally acclaimed actor Jet Li will be officially endorsing the amazing new game from Snail Games, Age of Wushu. The title is an MMORPG that focuses on the ethic and craft of martial arts and offers gamers a very different kind of role-playing martial arts experience.

Designed in a similar vein to movies like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and Jet Li's own Hero, Age of Wushu is an MMO set within a fantastical and grand land where players will venture throughout the continent to study various forms of martial arts, form schools or join schools and steal ancient martial arts secrets by battling some of the toughest bosses around.
When playing Age of Wushu, MMO gamers will be able to guide their characters in the martial arts style of Wuxia fiction, not only delivering kicks, punches, balances, jumps, sweeps and throws but also move around the world with superhuman speed and perform gravity-defying moves including water-gliding, running vertically along walls and flying across rooftops.

The other highlight to Age of Wushu is how freaking awesome the actual fighting is. You can also perform katas, blocks, dodges and the actual fighting mechanics evolve beyond just punching and kicking and give real martial arts enthusiasts technical maneuvers to perform that can alter the way a fight plays out. It's good stuff.

The game also has a fairly detailed create-a-character, so there's little possibility of running into generic clones due to the face and customization options.

Circling back around to Jet Li...the big movie star who will be in the upcoming film, The Expendables II, alongside Stallone, Stathom, Schwarzenegger, Willis and Norris, will be endorsing Age of Wushu for two years, promoting the game with TV commercials and more during his endorsement run.

You can learn more about Age of Wushu or sign up to participate in the beta by visiting the Official Website.

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