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Halfbrick Studios has updated their side-scroller Jetpack Joyride with another set of new content. Update 1.4 will give hero Barry Steakfries something he's always wanted: a friend.

Three new gadgets will be unlockable once you download the patch. The Dezapinator gives zappers a chance to fail, potentially saving your life. The Turbo Boost drops rings that explode and throw you forward.

The third gadget, though, is the best of all. It's a robotic dog named Flash. He'll accompany you on your laboratory raids and collect coins. He's a handy friend to have while you save up your coins for another purchase.

Speaking of purchases, Update 1.4 also adds another shop item. The DJ headphones, when worn by Barry, change the normal theme song to a techno remix.

Joyride is one of the most basic games you'll ever play. You run through a laboratory filled with obstacles and tap the screen to activate your jetpack as needed. It's impressive how Halfbrick's been able to maintain a player base merely through the coin-based progression system and small updates like this.

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