Everybody knows that stunts are way more dangerous (and thus entertaining) when executed in more confined spaces. That’s precisely why every gamer on the go should be excited for Joe Danger ’s death-defying leap from the PlayStation 3 onto the iOS platform.

A huge hit as a former PS3 exclusive, Joe Danger had players controlling the titular stuntman as he races his motorcycle across the screen performing tricks, racing the clock and earning the highest score. According to developer Hello Games, the iOS version of the game, Joe Danger Touch will keep that core gameplay mechanics at its heart when making the transition to the portable screen, though in a game specially crafted from the ground up for this new experience.

“We’re incredibly excited to be able to show people Joe Danger for iPhone, iPod and iPad,” said Hello Games founder Sean Murray. “This is a very different Joe Danger experience. It’s a completely new game, with entirely unique mechanics. This isn’t a dumbed down version, it stays true to the core arcade ideas of the original with the same lovely aesthetics, solid framerate and tight controls. It’s a console quality game in your hands.”

For those who have played the console version of Joe Danger you will know that the original offered a great action-stunt-racing hybrid experience that was easy to pick up and play yet extremely tricky to master. If hello games has managed to make to translate that formula over to the iOS platform seamlessly, as Murray would have us believe, we could have another portable hit on our hands.

I, for one, am hoping they have managed to pull it off. Joe Danger is pretty rad.

For more details on all iterations of Joe Danger, head on over to the Hello Games website.

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