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The community-made mod for Avalanche Studios' Just Cause 2 simply called JC2MP, has entered another phase of beta testing and if you follow the appropriate instructions you'll be able to hop online and start playing with other people in Just Cause 2's massive world.

We reported on the Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod before, giving gamers a brief glimpse at all the carnage and mayhem that's attached to a handful of players blasting through Avalanche Studios' massive open world in their chaos and destruction-based open-world simulator. You can check out a brief look at how it all plays out in the video below.

That has to be one of the most fun looking mods I've ever seen...next to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas MP.

Now to talk about the downsides: You can't call the blackmarket to grab upgrades anymore and you're limited in some of the gameplay mechanics that you can execute. Still, the rest of the game is there for the destructive taking of you and your friends.

If you're wetting your lips with anticipation and have a party in your pants due to all the wild possibilities that come along with a multiplayer mode for Just Cause 2, be sure to visit the Official Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Website to learn more about the mod and how to get it going. There's also a really kickbutt thread on Reddit that gives you a walkthrough of how to get the mod booted up and going with relative.

Game on, and embrace the carnage birthed from multiplayer chaos!

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