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It's not quite like Minecraft but it's close enough. You can now build up your own stuff in Just Cause 2's Multiplayer Mod. And yes, it is as awesome as it sounds.

The new Build World feature for the JC2:MP features the ability to literally build anything you want, wherever you want it. It's a really awesome feature. As evidenced in the video above, you can build your own house and make an bode in whatever part of Panua that you want.

If you want a penthouse in the middle of the crowded urban jungle, you can do that. If you want to bring your femme-fatale torture house to the top of the icy mountains where unspeakably pleasurable horrors take place, you can do that. If you want that awesome bachelor pad that floats in the sky above the bridge so anyone driving underneath can witness every moment of your awesome... you can do that.

I imagine this will be an especially popular feature for role-players and a little kids with no lives. Then again, this might be equally popular with architecturally inclined innovators to make all sorts of crazy interactive set pieces, such as mountain mazes, Hoth bases, a flying Star Destroyer, perhaps? How about a recreation of Dubai out in the ocean? I would like to see that.

The multiplayer content for Just Cause 2 has been so massive – in no small part due to the massive spread of popularity across social media sites and Let's Play videos by big name YouTubers – that Avalanche Studios and Square Enix reported that they're seeing engagement of Just Cause 2 each month on end that involves 500,000 active users. That's pretty impressive for a game that's pushing a near half-decade old since its original release.

The Build Mod could help further propel and upscale the popularity of Just Cause 2. My only concern is how are all the player-creations being stored? I imagine there's got to be a server reset after the content fills up so much space. Then again, I suppose a lot of it depends on how often players are creating and storing content on specific servers.

For the Jman100 Freeroam Server, you can build whatever you want by simply typing into the chat screen “/Build”. That's it.

If you're the evil douchy type, you might want to make a giant tower of sorts on a mountain, pick an avatar with a fancy suit, and then laugh sinisterly into the mic, while inviting other players named “Bond” to attempt to infiltrate your evil lair. Unlike the James Bond movies, though, don't give away your plan... just shoot your arch-rival in the face once they step through the door.

You can pick up a digital copy of Just Cause 2 right now from Steam and grab the companion multiplayer mod for free. The Build Mode is included in the mod... so Minecraft away.

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